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Domotics, Accessibility and Voice
GameMate Remote Control

GameMate Remote ControlĀ© is a free software for PC, developed with the Java programming language. It allows controlling a set of wireless Orvibo S20 sockets, using voice. Commands can be uttered either after pressing a button or by producing a tongue click.


  1. At least one Orvibo S20 socket
  2. A Wi-Fi standard home router. Internet connection is not required
  3. A PC with at least 512kB of RAM
  4. A 3 buttons mouse (optional when using the Hands Free mode)
  5. An Android or Apple smartphone/tablet

How it works

  1. Connect the Orvibo S20 socket to the power plug
  2. Connect the socket to the home Wireless network by using the WiWo2 application for Android or iOS
  3. Configure the socket following the manual in the WiWo2 application
  4. Install GameMate Remote Control on the PC
  5. Run the software and search for the peripherals using the Cerca button
  6. Use voice to manage the sockets:
    • Button activation: press the center mouse button
    • Hands-Free: produce a click with the tongue

Download detailed instructions (in Italian only)

Costs and hardware