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Domotics, Accessibility and Voice
Open Source Domotics

An interactive automaton for a domotic system that commands a wireless plug and interact with synthesized voice and automatic Speech recognition. Tested on Raspbian but developed in pure Java. Internally using MaryTTS for Linux.


The distribution is made up of a Linux software (Windows is available too if MaryTTS - Windows is installed) with scripts to stop and start the interactive automaton.

Required Software

  1. Raspbian
  2. Oracle Java 8

Required Hardware

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Kit
  2. USB Microphone
  3. Speakers
  4. Orvibo Wireless Socket S20

GitHub Repository

GitHub repository of the [InteractiveAutomaton] software with installation instructions and requirements

This Java (Eclipse) project requires the MaryTTSManager, the WholeWordSpeechRecognizer, and the PlugsController projects from the Gianpaolo Coro's GitHub repository.

Questions and Answers

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